India in Global Organic

India in Global Organic Agriculture

A small initiative started by the visionary Chief Minister of Sikkim, Shri Pawan Chamling sparked off a movement and swiftly put the Indian organic agricultural movement on a fast track. The area under organic certification process increased by 25 folds during 2003-04 to 2009-10.

Statutory accreditation and certification system started by the Ministry of Commerce took deep roots, earning international acclaim. The number of accredited certification bodies increased from 4 to 20.

Currently, India ranks 33rd in terms of total land under organic cultivation and 80th position for agriculture land under organic crops to total farming area. As on March 2010 India has brought more than 4.5 million ha area under organic certification process. Out of which, while cultivated area is about 1.08 million ha, the remaining 3.4 million ha is wild area under forests. About 5.97 lakh farmers are producing more than 18.00 lakh tonnes of different organic commodities, valued at Rs 5,600 crore.

The Government of India has implemented the National Programme for Organic Production (NPOP). The natonal programme involves the accreditation programme for certification bodies, norms for organic production, promotion of organic farming, etc. The NPOP standards for production and accreditation system have been recognized by European Commission and Switzerland as equivalent to their country standards. Similarly, USDA has recognized NPOP conformity assessment procedures of accreditation as equivalent to that of US.With these recognitions, Indian Organic products duly certifiied by the accredited certification bodies of India are accepted by the importing countries.

India produced around 3,96,997 MT of certified Organic Products which include all varieties of food products namely basmati rice, pulses, honey, tea, spices, coffee, oilseeds, fruits, processed food, cereals, herbal medicines and their value added products. The production is not limited to the edible sector but also to organic cotton fibre, garments, cosmetics, functional food products, body care products, etc.

Indian organic products are mainly exported to EU, US, Australia, Canada, Japan, Switzerland, South Africa and Middle East.

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