Livelihood Schools On Organic Farming

Livelihood Schools

Opening up of three Livelihood schools at Daramdin for West District, at Bermiok for South District & at Tadong for North and East Districts. Training has been completed for two batches and a total of 460 candidates have passed out from the schools. The third batch is tocommence soon.

Training of students at the Livelihood Schools

Training of students at the Livelihood Schools

The second batch of training for rural youth in various aspects of organic farming was started in January 2011 with more than 220 trainees.

Capacity Building of Local Youth

12 unemployed Post Graduates and Science Graduates were sent for a month long training at GDC Morarka Foundation, Jaipur during year 2010.

After completion of the training while some have been appointed as Service providers, others are working as Field Officers.

Orientation-cum-training was organised for all field officials of FSADD, HCCDD, NRM and field supervisors of the service providers inviting resource persons from Himachal Pradesh Krishi Vishwa Vidyalaya, Palampur and National Centre of Organic Farming (NCOF), Ghaziabad on 7th to 10th June 2011.

Curriculum Development

Sikkim is the first state in the country to introduce Organic Agriculture at school level. A Curriculum was Developed for the students of Vth to VIIth Standards in collaboration with the Human Resource Development Department to enable the students to learn about Organic Farming. In addition orientation of teachers on organic farming and its principles
was completed at the State Institute of Capacity Building, Karfacter, South Sikkim.

In order to inculcate in young generation the principles and concepts of organic farming and the inter relationship between man and environment, organic agriculture was introduced in the school syllabus.

Status of certified organic and in conversion land

Since 2005-06 initiatives were taken to bring some areas under organic certification process with the help of Service Providers. The Internal Control System in the state is being done with different Certification Bodies such as Control Union Certification, Mumbai (CUC), IMO Control Private Limited, Bangalore, National Organic Certification Association, Pune (NOCA), One-Cert Asia Agri Certification P. Ltd. Jaipur and Lacon Quality Certification P. Ltd. Kerala is being done in the State.

Detailed status of area under organic certification, crops being grown and quantities being harvested (as on 31 March 2011) can be seen in Annexure VII.

The certified area till date is 4607 ha:

1184 ha under Department of Science & Technology, GOI,
1901 ha by Sikkim Organic Mission and
1522 ha by MEVEDIR, Tadong, Sikkim

In Conversion (IC2) 3791.81ha:

3700 ha under HCCD Department
91.81 ha under FSAD Department

As per the target, 18000 ha has been added towards the end of year 2010-11 and for which necessary internal control system is being put in place for inspection process. An area of 2430.79 ha under large cardamon as part of agro-forestry system in also under certification.

Ground work is already completed to bring another 18000 ha area under the process during the first quarter of the year 2011-12.

Depicting the status of Organic Certification as on August 2011 (Area in Ha)

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