Interventions made

Subsequent to the feasibility study, an intervention programme was sanctioned by Department of Science & Technology, Government of India during 2007-08. This programme benefitted over 3000 farmers.

  • From the study, it was revealed that farmers are ignorant of production technologies. There is need to prepare integrated package for organic technologies for crop production, farmers training, certification and market linkage.
  • To provide training on fertility management practices by utilizing biofertilizers, biopesticides and other organic inputs.
  • To take utmost economic advantage of all waste, agriculture residues and cowdung in the best productive manner through science and technology intervention.
  • To form groups of registered farmers.

Salient Achievements

Successful registration of 3740 farmers beyond the target of 3000 farmers.

District Farmers registered Area covered in acre
East 1265 2409.05
West 1772 3638.37
South 703 1253.95
Total 3740 7301.37 acre


Group formation of farmers has been successfully completed with a total of 153 groups

District Farmers registered Area covered in acre
East 57 2409.05
West 67 3638.37
South 29 1253.95
Total 153 7301.37 acre
  • Micro planning activity for all farmers was completed alongwith documentation.
  • All farmers were trained for input production at farm.
  • Monthly meetings were organized regularly.
  • Second external audit was completed.
  • About 2135 farmers were certified by March 2010.

Specific Observations

  • Response in initial few months was slow. With regular meetings and individual query handling, farmers became receptive to the idea of organic farming.
  • The difficult mountain terrain slows down the micro-planning process and each farmer needs personalised attention .


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